Our Story

TALTIQ is a slow fashion brand that is both sustainable and ethical, for you. TALTIQ believes in the notion of repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded, in order to create something new.

The term ‘TALTIQ’ or ‘Meet’ in Arabic, simply means “recreate”. As a result, the brand believes being ecological should never be compromised.

First and foremost, you can have it all. You can feel and look good, while still being self-conscious of how the garments in your wardrobe were manufactured, as well as where they originated from and honouring the process.

TALTIQ aims to combine the best of both worlds by creating timeless and authentic designs of the highest quality while also ensuring that each collection is made in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Our primary goal is to have a positive influence on the planet within the fashion industry where we highly believe you can have it all.

You may seem stylish and suave while yet being ecologically conscious, accepting the harm that fast-fashion companies refuse to accept, resulting in concerns such as environmental destruction, inequality and social injustice.