Did you know that manufacturing new garments is unsustainable?

Here at TALTIQ, we are aware of the environmental impact the luxury fashion industry has on our planet, making us aware that using dead-stock fabrics does not only eliminate textile waste, but instead saves energy by lowering the carbon footprint associated with new material production.

Since we began in 2021, we have been trying to search for the best quality garments for you, where now, all our products are from dead stock, closed out, and left-over designer fabrics. To clarify, 'Deadstock' fabrics are garments either laying around as leftovers from a brand that did not maximise the requested amount of fabric, not being part of a plan for future usage, or fabrics that textile mills were unable to sell.

At TALTIQ, we take pride in creating an authentic luxury brand that crafts high-quality, timeless pieces made of garments that would otherwise go to waste and eventually end up in a landfill.  As we use dead stock textiles, once a product sells out, it will not be restocked until we are fortunate enough to acquire another dead stock roll from the same fabric.

Please keep in mind that what you choose to wear is more than just a garment, but also appreciate its long-lasting quality, where each piece was ethically produced by hand, by our hardworking seamstresses.